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The Rise and Fall of Gyro Proon

Presented by Lung Ha Theatre Company

A life of anguish, desire, excitement, despair, exultation, humilation and degradation and that’s just one of his fans.

Of Gyro Proon himself, what can be said? That he became a grotesque “Hallelujah” arising from the massed choirs of anonymity? That his alarming journey through life was a rake’s progress across the weed-strewn lawns of popular culture? Something like that maybe – or, there again maybe not. Rock on Gyro!

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh: 05-07 November 1999


The Rise and Fall of Gyro Proon


“It is all knockabout fun with much excuse for bursting into song and dance and a rollicking score from composer Jon Beales, but the morality tale doesn’t shy away from the seamier side of the rock biz, with allusions to the twin temptations of sex and drugs. The cruellest swipe, however, is at the critics, in the shape of the waspish Milo Pinion (John Edgar) who narrates the story live and on the video inserts from Gaynor’s TV show. “I don’t like the name critic, visionary suits me better,” He insists. Honestly, these theatre folk – they think they’re God’s gift.”

Keith Bruce – The Herald




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