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The Odyssey

Presented by Lung Ha's Theatre Company

A retelling of Homer's epic tale, The Odyssey.

Edinburgh: 15-17 May 1986 

The Odyssey


The Odyssey, presented by the Lung Ha Company in Wilkie House, Edinburgh, travels well.Beneath and between the superb projections of Mary Walters, and the director Peter Clerke of Theatre Workshop, the cast of 36 follow Odysseus (Elliot Kirkpatrick) by ship, land and all sorts of storms to the end of Homer.Credited in the programme as "trouble-shooting " is an aptly named C. Gunn who makes sure Ithaca is reached with a full cast and a delighted audience.The marvellous Cyclops (costume Pauline Fordyce), one eye beaming in its papier mache above all assembled, transfixed me.The lighting (Voirrey Watterson and Steve McCullough) created chaos when necessary and was remarkably consistent in staying with the tale while prompting further feats of the performers.I wish more professional companies were just as lively.

Hayden Murphy