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The Land That Steamrollers Forgot

Presented by Lung Ha's Theatre Company 

Lung Ha's Theatre Company's 1990 spring fling production is The Land That Steamrollers Forgot, a story of a simple town, Strathjarr, famous for its jams, jellies and boillings, being threatened by the pursuit of profit.

The photo call will give the opportunity to meet some of the performers in the building crew cosumes with tents, wheelbarrows, diversion and Men At Work signs, parking cones and barriers. The set is based in a town museum, with a seven foot statue of the Town Father who holds the key to the story.


Thomas Morton Hall, Leith Town Hall, Edinburgh: 14-16 June 1990


The Land That Steamrollers Forgot


When the motorway diggers arrived to knock down Strathjarr, its inhabitants fight back. They attempt ingenious but futile defence plans until a quirky turn of fate saves the town.In fact, the idea of succeeding against all odds is one encapsulated in the working ethic of the Lung Ha's Company.This is because the company is made up mostly of adults with special needs.The company gives them the chance to devise and perform their own plays – and they succeed wonderfully.The play is spiced with humour, originality and a real sense of purpose and direction.

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