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The Home-Made Child

Presented by Lung Ha Theatre Company

The Fabulously Wealthy Geltzahler is dying. In his lifetime he has amassed a kingdom of treasures but now the old man wants more. He wants someone to love him. Of course Geltzahler’s dream is in vain for the people of his land are incapable of love.

Geltzahler knows this for sure…

One day the Home-Made Child knocks at Geltzahler’s door. Dressed in a blue-crested blazer and mint-white gloves with a whirling egg whisk for a brain, the creature makes an unlikely companion for the old man. But beneath the blazer the child has a heart. Charmed by the boy’s innocence and capacity for love, the dying Geltzahler welcomes the child into his home and gives the boy three keys to his kingdom – on one condition.

The Home-Made Child is a dark fairytale for adults based around Balaz’s reworking of Bluebeard’s Castle. Shame, desire, innocence and curiosity collide in a heartless world to make a thrilling tale of horror and tragedy.


Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh: 08-11 February 1996

Theatre Festival, Dublin: 02-05 October 1996


Culduthel Hall, Inverness: 03 March 1997

Corbett Centre, Inverness/Invergordon Arts Centre: 04 March 1997

Golspie High School: 05 March 1997

North School, Wick: 06 March 1997

Mount Pleasant School, Thurso: 07 March 1997

Skerray Village Hall: 08 March 1997

Lochinver Village Hall: 10 March 1997

The Ceilidh Place, Ullapool: 11 March 1997

Plockton High School: 12 March 1997

Ballachulish Village Hall: 13 March 1997

The Home-Made Child


“What a delightful piece of theatre this new show by Lung Ha’s is. The production is full of striking images, from the boy’s breakaway heart to a hot-air ballon careering through a glittering rain storm. A delicate mixture of witty narrative and dramatic interaction. The Home-Made Child is a sustained piece of theatrical invention that neither apologises for the actors’ learning disabilities nor uses them as pawns in someone else’s vision.”

Mark Fisher – The Herald



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