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Mrs Mackechenie Meets The Megaloths

Presented by Lung Ha’s Theatre Company 

Through the exploits of the Mackechenie family we travel into space to the distant planet of Clunoid to save it from destruction by the Megaloths. In this visually stimulating story we see good triumph over evil assisted by slides, a shadow pie, live music and drama. 

Sculptured set and costume complete the picture.

Theatre Workshop, Edinburgh: 28-30 May 1987


Mrs Mackechenie Meets The Megaloths


So it must be said that the Lung Ha’s production of Mrs Mackechenie Meets The Megaloths given last week at the Theatre Workshop, Edinburgh, was an object lesson in how to do it outstandingly well. The huge cast comprised a wide variety of mentally and physically handicapped adults as well as volunteers and experenced actors, all brought together in this madcap mini-spectacular of fun, frisson and fantasy.Bags of imagination had gone into the design and the visual effects, and what was perhaps yet more impressive was the way the action had managed to accommodate the talents and capabilities of all the cast; never once were we called upon to condescend or patronize. As for the final outcome, suffice it to mention the packed house and large queue for cancellations in the foyer.If attitudes to the handicapped are taken into account, there is a real sense in which a show like Mrs Mackechenie is at least as therapeutic to the audience as to any of the performers.

Alasdair Simpson – The Times Educational Supplement Scotland




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