Two masked men trapping a third masked man under a red net. A masked woman observes the scene from the back.
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Monster’s Tears

Presented by Lung Ha Theatre Company

A monster is on the loose. Branded “angry and dangerous” but really “lost and isolated” he wanders alone. Then a beautiful young woman falls for his charms…

Will their love be allowed to grow in a world of suspicion, fear and prejudice?

Monster’s Tears asks the questions we all have – will we find happiness, will we find love and what makes us fear the unknown? Inspired by the great Victorian horror novels and through great performances, delightful music and movement, Monster’s Tears promises to touch your heart.

Isobel Rhind Centre, Invergordon: 12 July 2005

Golspie High School, Golspie: 14 July 2005

Spectrum Centre, Inverness: 16 July 2005

North Highland College, Thurso: 18 July 2005

Assynt Leisure Centre, Lochinver: 20 July 2005

Aros Centre, Portree, Skye: 23 July 2005

Nevis Community Centre, Fortwilliam: 26 July 2005

Cinema, Newton Stuart: 31 July 2005

Lochside Theatre, Castle Douglas: 02 August 2005

Cinema, Dumfries: 03 August 2005

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh: 11 – 15 August 2005

The Wynd Theatre, Melrose: 29 June 2006

Eastgate Theatre & Art Centre, Peebles: 01 July 2006

The Byre Theatre, St Andrews: 06 July 2006

Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline: 08 July 2006

Monster’s Tears


“Actors take note; such joy in theatrical transformation, such full inhabitation of characters is too rare. This is a wordless, figurative piece, with simple mood-related music and lighting, playing to the actors’ considerable strengths. Children were awestruck – when was the last time you saw an actor hugged by a kid after a show, and returning it in kind? An off the radar must.”

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