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Light Up The Land

Presented by Lung Ha's Theatre Company in Collaboration with Slide Workshop 

Using guided fantasies the group have created a movement piece taking you on a journey through the 4 elements.

Water: under the sea in which inhabit strange creatures and seaweeds.

Fire: an underwater volcano.

Earth: the lava creates an island on which plants and trees being to grow, spreading their roots and weaving their way above the soil. They pass through the seasons before returning to the soil.

Air: the plants grow high into the air meeting clouds, wind, rainbows, sun and moon.


We hope to have created a performance in which the audience blend in with the envivonments portrayed, thereby breaking down the divide between performers and audience.


Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh: 11-13 November 1987

Light Up The Land


Since their sponsors, Marks & Spencer, appear to have equipped virtually the entire cast of Lung Ha's Light Up The Land in Edinburgh with long wooly underwear by way of costume, it may be that Mrs Thatcher is in for a chilly winter.However, this latest project by the Lung Ha group, who have a remarkable record of eliciting and developing artistic creativity among the disabled, could have left nobody cold.It was, in essence, a surreal but stimulating fantasy built round the idea of the four elements: underwater, a volcano erupts, forming an island from which plants and trees reach upwards into the heavens.The visual and technical inventiveness was notable, and it was a good idea to couple the show with an exhibition and videos.

Alasdair Simpson – The Times Educational Supplement Scotland


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