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Instant Travel to Pop-Up Cities

Presented by Lung Ha Theatre Company 

It was the Dark Winter of the World, An Age of Stillness, When the Earth slept under Quilts and Blankets Of Snow and Ice. When even Time seemed frozen, when snow hung in the air like stars, and stars hung in the ceiling of the sky like luminous drops. It was as if the last light in the World had been switched off.

Festival Theatre, Edinburgh: 27 – 28 February 2001


Instant Travel to Pop-Up Cities


“This is a journey through wonderfully surreal realms. Projected text keeps us well in step with their progress while the on-screen video/animation of brother-sister team Angeline and Ian Ferguson throws up a host of piquantly bizarre settings as a backdrop to the company’s performance. This simply scratches the poetic surface of what this boldy ambitious, imaginative, warm-hearted production achieves – Blake’s message, which Lung Ha’s performers affirm by fine example, is that imagination frees the spirit while caring and sharing bring light into everyone’s life.”

Mary Brennan – The Herald




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