Two women wearing all black apart from their pink shirts. The one on the right has blue headphones around her neck.
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Emma And Gill

Lung Ha Theatre Company in collaboration with Catherine Wheels Theatre Company presents Emma & Gill.

Emma & Gill tells the story of two friends who are making a theatre show together. The show is supposed to be all about Emma and her experience as an autistic person.

As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that Gill doesn’t know as much about Emma or autism as she thinks she does. Gill thinks Emma is a bit sad and tragic. She thinks that Emma is not normal – not like Gill and everyone else. She doesn’t realise that Emma has lots of hidden talents and interests, and that maybe they have more in common than Gill would think.

This new show for schools questions what is “normal” and why being different is to be celebrated.

It toured primary schools in Edinburgh, Livingston and North Berwick.



I think you have a fantastic approach and have identified a huge need in what topics we need to educate more openly at school through a medium that is fun and engaging. The results have been astonishing. Our pupils really connected with the theme.

P7 Teacher, St Andrews Fox Covert Primary School



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