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Dangerously, Yours…

Presented by Lung Ha Theatre Company

Welcome to the final scene and the final day’s shooting of Dangerously, Yours…

Dangerously Yours… the latest 1940s Film Noir “cult classic” represents the last chance for the notorious Director, Humphrey Hudson, to resurrect his fast fading career; Hudson has invested millions and staked his reputation on casting the glamorous but highly unpredictable Diva. Among Dollies, blondes, runners and crew, the Union Rep works strictly by the book and the Designer ensures the devil is in the detail.

Dollies roll, reels speed, Hudson calls action but will Dangerously, Yours… prove to be his final cut.

As a live studio audience, you are given a rare opportunity to glimpse behind the scenes and witness the canning of a ‘cult classic’. The Director would appreciate it if you are punctual in taking your seats, follow your cue cards accordingly and of course enjoy.

Lung Ha Theatre Company explores new depths as a theatre company in breaking the ‘fourth wall’ of the audience and involving them fully into this interactive piece of theatre. 

The Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh: 23 – 24 September, 2009

Platform, The Bridge, Glasgow: 30 September – 01 October, 2009

Dangerously, Yours…


“Oller plays with scale, putting tall and smaller performers together for comic effect in a series of silent movie sketch-like routines. As is often the case with Lung Ha’s, though, with 23 people onstage it’s sometimes hard to find something for those not playing lead roles to do beyond becoming a glorified chorus. The whole thing is delivered with such unabashed joie de vivre, however, that it’s hard not to be charmed by something worth making a song and dance about.”

Neil Cooper – The Herald




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