A woman in black wearing a fur hat and a woman wearing a white headscarf speak while a man in red and fur coat stands in the back.
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Chekhov Shorts

Presented by Lung Ha Theatre Company

“Oh, if you only knew how I want to change, to begin another life! To be good, honest and pure… To have some goal in life, some objective, some dream….” 


Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, the remarkable Russian writer, wrote seven full length plays, four of which are masterpieces – plays that are performed around the world as frequently as Shakespeare’s, plays that have shaped modern world drama. During his remarkable lifetime, howver, he was known and celebrated as an author of short stories, writing over 500 of them. These stories provide the backdrop, the landscape and the context for the four great plays we know and love. The Stories range from lively farces to bittersweet comedies to darker tales. As a translator of Chekhov’s plays, I thought it would be fun to bring a number of these short stories alive for contemporary audiences. The two plays you will see tonight belong to a collection of 16 plays I’ve written entitled Rubule, each inspired by a short story of Anton Chekhov. Enjoy them! 


Our familiar Chekhovian heroine, Sofya, finds herself at crossroads; married to her wealthy husband Volodya yet still in love with her childhood sweetheart. Whilst drinking more than perhaps a lady should, Sofya longs for an alternative life.


Pitsikatov is a young musician on his way to a royal engagment, However, his journey soon takes a farcical turn when he falls in love, loses his double bass and finds he only has a top hat to preserve his modesty.

Lyth Arts Centre, Wick: 23 October 2010

Spectrum Centre, Inverness: 25 October 2010

Woodend Barn, Banchory: 26 October 2010 

Traverse Theatre, Edinurgh: 28 October 2010

Tron Theatre, Glasgow: 02 – 03 November 2010 

Chekhov Shorts


“Chekhov’s stories glitter with humanity and wisdom, even when – as in The Two Volodyas – they describe a truly desperate human situation. And this fine team of actors (Mark Howie, Kaye Parter, Nicola Tuxworth and Stephan Tait) defy narrow 21st-century stereotypes of beauty and romance to produce a delightful performance in the best Chekhovian style, aglow with deep humour, passionate sadness, and the true, sexy energy of living theatre.”

Joyce McMillan – The Scotsman



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