A smartly dressed man in a black coat and top hat raising his right arm and pointing upwards. Behind him many people dressed in white stare uneasily. Some wear striped or checked trousers, checked aprons, and chef hats. Many wheels of cheese sit on shelves behind the people. In the background, atop a window, a sign says Murdoch's Cheese: The Cheesiest Cheese in the World.
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Arlecchino’s Revenge

Presented by Lung Ha Theatre Company and Paragon Ensemble

There is a land where laughter is forbidden, where the sun has forgotten to shine, where imagination is locked up and the people have given up all hope. Then one night a troupe of travelling players steals into town with a show that changes things forever… 

Placed in a world of censorship, status and of course the race to make the perfect gorgonzola, Arlecchino’s Revenge is a story of redemption, but with a sting in the tail. This is a story of smelly cheese, rotten to the core bad guys and a mask that saves a village.

The performance will feature Lung Ha’s full performing company with live music from Glasgow’s Paragon Ensemble. 

Traverse Theatre: 05 – 07 April 2007

Tramway: 13 – 14 April 2007

Arlecchino’s Revenge


“OH, WHAT it is to be able to indulge one’s cheesy side. This is something Lung Ha’s Theatre Company do with abandon in their latest show, which takes the biscuit and a whole lot more besides in an ambitious collaboration with The Paragon Ensemble, who provide its live musical score.”

Neil Cooper – The Herald




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