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Are Unheard Memories Sweet?

Presented by Lung Ha Theatre Company 

In a world where living things ungrow, a man relives his life from its end towards its beginning – uncovering memories he has spent a life-time trying to forget.

From the team who created The Homemade Child and The Little Lady From a Lucky Star, Are Unheard Memories Sweet? explores the bizarre and the ordinary, the commonplace and the extraordinary, love, loss and memory.


Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh: 01-02 November 2000

Findhorn, Universal Hall, Fife: 03 November 2000

Invergordon Academy, Invergordon: 05 November 2000

Spectrum, Inverness: 06 November 2000

Skerray Village Hall, Skerray: 07 November 2000

Poolewe Village Hall, Poolewe: 08 November 2000

Kinlochbervie Hall, Kinlochbervie: 09 November 2000

Arain Chaluim Chille, Sleat, Skye: 10 November 2000

Deans Community High, Livingston: 13 November 2000

St Matthews Church Hall, Perth: 14 November 2000

Tramway, Glasgow: 17 November 2000

Are Unheard Memories Sweet


“”You’re wishing your life away” is a phrase that echoes within us all from wide-open, untainted cradle to the bitter and buried hopes of six-feet-under grave. But what if, at the point of death, your life really does flash past your eyes? And what if everything you’d forgotten suddenly became clear? Imagine. All those perfect – and not so perfect – moments rewinding before you. Or rather, in the world of this new work from Lung Ha’s Theatre Company, behind you. For, as Sonny’s last breath opens this at times magical piece, we’re transported on a roller-coaster ride of thwarted ambition, lost love, and betrayal that, knitted together, are the crucial elements to how Sonny arrived at where he is.”

Neil Cooper – The Herald



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