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An Unexpected Hiccup

We were pleased to collaborate with touring theatre company Plutôt La Vie on An Unexpected Hiccup, a new play directed by Ian Cameron and Maria Oller and written by Michael Duke, based on a story by Ian Cameron and developed by the acting ensemble.

It received its World Premiere at The Studio in Edinburgh on 27 October.

Caught in a storm and miles from anywhere, Murdo decides to ask for the help of total strangers. But when he knocks on the door of a dark old house, the family inside seem to be expecting him. Whatever Murdo has stumbled upon, there’s no escaping it now. He steps into a long night of comic misunderstandings, sinister goings on and dangerous eccentricities.

Keep an eye on Kurt…Don’t worry about the noises in the cellar…And never ask Louisa why she’s crying…!

The play featured Tim Licata from Plutôt La Vie working with Lung Ha Theatre Company performers Emma Clark, Emma McCaffrey, Nicola Tuxworth, Keith Watson, Gavin Yule and Ryan Duncan from the Lung Ha Theatre Company Support Team.

An Unexpected Hiccup




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