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A Murder, To Kill, To Drop Dead

Presented by Lung Ha's Theatre Company

Lung Ha's invite you to spend an evening of mystery, murder and much more. An opportunity to travel back in time to Chaston Manor and the heady days of the 1920's when Charles danced the Charleston and the world was made of chandeliers, charabancs and champagne. That is until…

Theatre Workshop, Edinburgh: 10-12 June 1993

A Murder, To Kill, To Drop Dead


Devised by company members with Jenny Fraser, the story is surreal: it must be the first time a quaint little murder by poisoning has been resolved by whisking the protagonists back in time to catch the murder in flagrante.The story was graphically recounted in impressionistic visual and movement-based scenes. Although two of the scenes seemed to have been over-extended to narrow the margin for mistakes, in the end the company's contagious enthusiasm and enjoyment of the occasion won the day.

Robert Alstead – The Scotsman



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