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A Distant Suma

Presented by Lung Ha Theatre Company

You are drawn into the past world of Suma and its inhabitants. Someone disappears and the whole balance of the village is turned upside down.

This unexpected departure creates collisions of emotional turmoil and passion as the characters attempt to come to term with the unknown and the new known.

A Distant Suma will continue the unique creativity of a Lung Ha’s performance. An equally funny and heartbreaking production that may be capable of touching emotions we didn’t know existed.

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh: 03 – 06 April 2003 

A Distant Suma


“The sheer detail and richness of set and of costume (by Alison Brown) are, of course, only what regular Lung Ha’s Theatre Company audiences have come to expect – as is the gentle thread of symbolism that runs through the piece itself. Lung Ha’s, now with the first ever Artistic Director, Clark Crystal, give themselves totally to the performance, making valuable points about life and arts without slogans or soapboxes.”

Mary Brennan – The Herald



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