A man with round glasses and a shaved head, wearing a brown waistcoat and trousers gestures welcomingly to camera whilst wearing a large, fun, multi-coloured furry scarf.



Let's talk creativity… In the fifth episode of LUNG cHAts, Lung Ha Theatre Company member Amy McCombes chats to Creative Edinburgh's Executive Director Briana Pegado […]

LUNG cHAts Live with Ian Rankin

Lung Ha Theatre Company and Six Point Productions present: LUNG cHAts Live with Ian Rankin Part of Book Week Scotland 2019 7.30pm on Tuesday, 19 […]

REVIEW: A Man’s A Man

FAIR PLEY A refreshing take on the life story of Scotland’s greatest poet Robert Burns. A captivating, full-length musical play with an original score, […]

REVIEW: Hindsight at theSpace

FOX & HOUND THEATRE The pieces of the puzzle that make up Laura’s brain don’t seem to fit, When the world doesn’t make sense to her, […]

#LungChats episode 4 is here!

When two film buffs meet…. they talk about Patrick Stewart.  Lung Ha Theatre Company's Emma McCaffrey chats to the wonderful Diane Henderson, Deputy Artistic […]