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Becoming a Lung Ha Friend empowers learning-disabled adults to engage in the arts, amplify their story and proudly make fabulous theatre!

Do you have £5 per month to support theatre that makes an impact?

Give what you can each month and enjoy the perks of being a Lung Ha Friend:

✰ Be first to hear Lung Ha Theatre Company news.  

✰ Get a sneak peek behind the scenes of our productions with video clips of rehearsals and interviews with the production team and actors. 

✰ Receive an invitation to special events such as Director’s Q&A and press night events. 

✰ Join us at our annual drink’s reception. 

What your donation supports:

£5 per month – sponsors travel for one of our actors each year

£10 per month – employs a freelancer for Lung Ha Across Scotland

£20 per month – provides a support worker during our production rehearsals

£50 per month – helps to produce our next show

It couldn’t be easier, and we’d love to welcome you as a Friend! Click on the donation link below and sign up to become a Lung Ha Friend. If you have any questions or would like to support with an alternative format, email our Development Officer, Arron Greechan on

We look forward to welcoming you! 

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