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Environmental Policy

Lung Ha Theatre Company is committed to minimising its carbon footprint as much as possible in all aspects of its work: productions; administration or outreach. To do this, LHTC has committed to the following points:

  • Being a member and abiding by the regulations of Creative Carbon Scotland’s Creative Carbon Initiative.
  • Monitoring all journeys (distance, mode of transport) made by staff, permanent and freelancers, on LHTC business, excluding commuting to work.
  • Collating data of journeys made monthly, to give an idea of LHTC’s annual carbon footprint.
  • Encouraging the use of public transport wherever possible, also when touring.
  • Encouraging all permanent staff members to travel to work in an environmentally sustainable manner.
  • Using electronic ways of communicating to reduce paper usage.
  • Recycling all set and costumes when shows have finished, where possible.
  • Working with suppliers who have a good environmental policy, where possible.
  • Considering the energy usage of any new electronic equipment purchased.
  • Including an encouragement to recycle on any paper material printed.
  • Encouraging hired freelancers to be as environmentally friendly as possible when working on productions, such as sourcing materials locally.
  • Working with venues that have a good environmental policy where possible.

LHTC will regularly review its carbon footprint as an organisation with the Board of Directors.