An Unexpected Hiccup, 2021. © Peter Dibdin

Every donation we receive goes a long way towards proudly making fabulous theatre. By supporting Lung Ha, you will be helping us to create opportunities which champion the talents of Scotland’s learning-disabled actors and creatives.

By donating today, your support will:

  • Help us stage exciting productions. 
  • Provide creative opportunities for our actors. 
  • Raise expectations of learning-disabled actors.

Your donation will help us to provide creative opportunities for learning-disabled actors and creatives across Scotland. We do this through public professional productions, projects including Lung Ha Across Scotland and our weekly ensemble sessions.

If you would like to make a gift to support a specific project or production, please contact our Development Officer, Arron Greechan, on

Lung Ha Theatre Company is a registered charity. Scottish Charity Number: SC017635 

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