Creative Space

The Creative Space programme offers our actors a safe and supportive space to develop their artistic practice on a one-to-one basis. These sessions allow individual actors to explore themes they are especially interested in or to focus on skills they would like to improve. The programme is led by performance artist and facilitator Kirsty Biff Nicolson.

Kirsty is an artist, facilitator and performer based in Edinburgh. They are an Associate Artist with Independent Arts Projects. They regularly provide practical and creative access support for disabled and neurodivergent artists.

A selection of quotes from some of our actors who have previously participated in the programme: 

It’s all about you and your ideas… I’m proud of myself and my writing. I want to do it again because I have more ideas to share with the world.”

actor participant

“It was good to have an individual session and be in charge of what I wanted.”

Actor participant

I really enjoyed the improv sessions. It allowed me to just let go and let things happen. I also loved the singing as it allowed me to rediscover and explore my voice.

Actor participant

“Allows everyone to come out of their shell. It’s been good to talk about theatre but also to do something that feels silly… Everyone should get a chance to do this as it’s so different working like this.”

Actor participant