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Our Story

Lung Ha Theatre Company began its life as Lung Ha’s Theatre Company in October 1984.  A sixty strong team of performers, with a learning disability, under the direction of Richard Vallis and Pete Clerke created and performed their own version of the fabled “Monkey” stories (for a time we were called Lung Ha’s Monkey Theatre). The production was hugely successful and a new company and vitally important new theatrical voice launched onto the Scottish stage.

Since then the Company has worked with over three hundred performers with a learning disability creating over forty original productions.  The Company and has also worked with some of the leading artists and creative organisations across the country.  The Company has also toured internationally to England, France, Ireland, Poland, Sweden and Finland.  

Lung Ha Theatre Company has now become firmly embedded as part of the cultural output of Scotland, and has been recognised by the Critics Awards for Theatre in Scotland as co recipient together with Grid Iron Theatre Company, of the 2009-10 Award in the category of Best Ensemble for the production of Huxley’s Lab.  

However the Company and its performers show no sign of resting on their laurels as there are many, many more stories to tell and many, many performers of skill and passion who want the chance to tell those stories.  

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