A photograph of 8 actors performing on a dark stage.

Lung Ha Reviews: Life is a Dream

I went to see Life is a Dream as part of Edinburgh International Festival. This play was funny and well acted with catchy music. It focuses on themes such as family, pride and illusion through its complex themes and symbolism.

The writer uses his creativity to ask questions such as how do we know when we are not dreaming. Although these questions and themes make the play seem more mysterious, the complexity in the storyline can make it hard to understand, so I advise that you read up on the plot before going to see the play. This also might be a good idea because this version had fast subtitles translating Spanish to English, making the dialogue not very easy to follow. Plus some of the cast were hard to see from the upper seats in the audience. Props and costumes were used to help to correspond to themes of the play and the time it was set in.

It isn’t on now but if it is ever on again I would recommend it to those with stamina as it is 2 hours long without a break.

Reviewer: Amy McCombes

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