A still from the film Afire, which shows two men stood outdoors, looking off into the distance

Lung Ha Reviews: Afire

As part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival I went to see Afire. Someone working for the Festival came to the front with a person involved in making the film to allow the audience to know a bit about the ideas which led to making this film.

The subtitles that were used were often easy to follow which allowed it to be more accessible to those who don’t speak German. I found this film funny and emotional in a variety of ways, particularly the relationships portrayed verbally and through actions. Some bits at the start I found slightly boring but it became mysterious and dramatic as the pace sped up. I enjoyed that the film included footage of scenic beaches and forests. Towards the end, it takes some unexpected turns which I found quite shocking. Good acting made it clear that these unexpected events changed the characters and their relationships. Some lessons could be learned from the characters’ reactions to what happened, especially ones connected to themes explored throughout the film such as friendship and self- discovery.

This film is no longer on at Edinburgh International Film Festival but I would recommend it if it is ever on elsewhere.

Reviewer: Amy McCombes

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