Production image showing 7 actors on stage, with one dressed as a nurse and others dressed as elderly people with walking sticks.

Lung Ha Reviews: 2020 The Musical

I went to see 2020 The Musical as part of Edinburgh Festival Fringe. This show focused on the
recent history of the pandemic, using comedy to portray how it affected politics, the NHS,
theatre, social media and relationships. Although it follows experiences many have lived
through, it still managed to surprise me by how interesting it could be to hear from different

I found the narration funny and informative as it helped explain what happened
to the characters plus it made the events during the pandemic sound more comical. Many of
the fictional events seemed very realistic, personal and emotional as they represented
extremely touching family and romantic relationships. They portrayed the consequences that
happened because of Covid together with the positive events which took place during the
pandemic to create a hopeful and uplifting story.

The performers were so talented that they managed to portray quite a large number of characters with a very small cast. The costumes were often very simple but they told us a lot about the characters’ lifestyles during the lockdowns. Upbeat, humorous music written especially for the show along with elaborate dance routines made the choreography unique.

I would definitely recommend this show which was on until the 27th of August at Underbelly Bristo Square.

Reviewer: Amy McCombes

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