Lung Ha Reviews: Habitat

I loved the work.

Sculpture, sound, dance, lights.  

Calm moments, scary moments.

Animals and humans.

We’re all beings.

We’re all alive.

Bettina Szabo in Habitat. Credit Drago Videmšek

Bettina Szabo is the dancer and the Artistic Director of Petrikor Danse.  She answered a few of my questions on Messenger.

Have you been dancing since you were a kid?

I started at 16, I did figure skating before that.

What does your body say in the morning?

It depends on the morning, right now my body is sore, but moreover happy and thankful.  And I am super proud of the boundaries it is breaking right now because in dance we rarely do more that 4 shows, so I am growing a lot with this Fringe experience.

How do you get your body ready for the show?

I wake up early, have a piece of fruit, go for a 20 minute run, then do a bit of yoga and meditation.  The real consistent… breakfast breakfast.  And then there is a second warm up before the show where I dance batucada, and do some extra yoga to its rhythm and some more meditation.  Warming up my wrists is essential and my back of course.

Habitat is on at Dance Base at 1pm every day until 27th August. Tickets available by clicking on the following link:

Reviewer: Mairi Picken

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