Colourful tapestry by Grayson Perry showing a stag with a human face crawling across a rural landscape, with a posh couple looking on. There is a tree on the left and a grand house in the background, and a panel at the bottom reads 'THE UPPER CLASS AT BAY'.

Lung Ha Reviews: Grayson Perry: Smash Hits

As part of the Edinburgh Art Festival I went to the Grayson Perry exhibition. I found this very
accessible with useful audio recordings about each piece of art, sharing the artist’s ideas and
inspiration which influenced his work. These are for selected works in different rooms, and you
need to take headphones to listen to them. He tells of how some of the artwork is personal to
him or perhaps are influential and relatable to our modern society and culture. He explains
reasons why these things inspired him by talking of how his pictures and sculptures connected
his ideas through the use of symbolism and creative language.

Through this use of his imagination, his work highlights important issues such as class, politics, relationships, nationality and identity. Many pieces of his work in exhibition become very complex with the combination of his ideas and influences in one image or series of artworks. I would definitely recommend it, although as it has some sexual content some visitors may need to consider if it is appropriate for certain ages. It is on at the National Galleries of Scotland until the 12th of November.

Reviewer: Amy McCombes

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