Two actors on stage create a snowy scene on a table in front of them, featuring miniature trees, buildings and a van.

Lung Ha Reviews: Dimanche

Dimanche is a show that is the very definition of breathtaking!

This stunning show combines humanity and environmental elements with beautiful puppetry, mime, video and soundscape artistry that truly transports you from your seat in the audience to the transitional perspectives of so many different worlds and lives, both human and animal, and into the powerful force of Mother Nature herself.

We are truly all small parts of a much large element of life, and what similarities and challenges we all face together whether or not we are all the same species!

The show speaks in many ways, even louder that our own voices ever could. This show is not to be missed…

See now! And let’s change the world for a better today, tomorrow and future.

We are not powerless to help, to change the damage done to the Earth we all share.

The show was presented as part of Edinburgh International Festival. The run has ended.

Reviewer: Nicky Tuxworth

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