In memoriam: John Edgar

It is with deep sadness that we share news of the passing of John Edgar. 

John died peacefully at home on the 12th July at the age of 77, following a brief period of illness. 

John was a much loved and well-respected member of the Lung Ha ensemble who dedicated almost 30 years to being an actor with Lung Ha Theatre Company. He will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him and had the pleasure of working with him. 

A highly skilled actor, John became part of the Lung Ha ensemble in 1993. He always brought a positive energy to rehearsals and his professionalism helped many of the actors to develop their acting skills. John was an actor who could play both comedy (like the incredibly funny and moving Bob in Linda McLean’s play Thingummy Bob) and drama ( Antigone, Three Sisters) and his last production was the long-awaited musical Castle Lennox.

John’s legacy will stay with Lung Ha Theatre Company for years to come, and he will be remembered as both a talented actor and the true gentleman he was.

John is survived by his wife Linda Edgar.

On Tuesday the 29 of August we are holding an evening to celebrate John’s time with Lung Ha Theatre Company. This will be a private event and an opportunity for the ensemble and those who worked closely with John to come together and remember him. If you wish to share your memories of John you can do so via our social media (, or by emailing

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