Lung Ha Reviews: 129.5 Steps to Autistic Success

As part of the Free Fringe I went to see 129.5 Steps to Autistic Success. In this stand up comedy, the performer talked about his life story, including his recent autism diagnosis and how he felt this explained his behaviour when he was younger. I found it easy to relate to when he was discussing his anxiety, organisational skills, and obsessive focus on his passions. I admired the fact he saw the positive and humorous side of his problems which cleverly showed that not always fitting in shouldn’t make someone feel down. It inspired me that he used these jokes concerning his autism in an attempt to make his shows more popular than they were at the festival previously, before his diagnosis.

However there were some bits I found harder to relate to, and he possibly exaggerated often to make it funnier, so I am not sure how much this show could educate people on autism. I would definitely still recommend it. It is at the City Cafe until the 27th of August.

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Reviewer: Amy McCombes

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