Lung Ha Reviews: Tiny Tim

Storytelling and a tale with a twist take centre stage in Tiny Tim, part of The Royal Lyceum Theatre’s Christmas Tales series.

Tiny Tim tells the story of the character from the well-known tale, A Christmas Carol. But in this version “the year is twenty twenty something” and Tim, who is now a single dad to two children, is attempting to keep Christmas alive but due to current circumstances is finding this difficult. What follows is a humorous and moving tale of hope and how it's ok to ask for help when needed.

I found the piece to be incredibly funny – for example when Tim is invited by the ghosts of past, present and future in one go as “they don't have time” to visit separately. I also thought such references to the original tale made me, as the audience member, connect to the story more and become more invested in this continuation of Tiny Tim's life.

Tiny Tim is performed by Garry Robson and written by Robert Softley Gale. Both artists bring a new take on a well-loved classic that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Directed by Zinnie Harris and Wills Wilson, Tiny Tim is available to watch for free at the following link:

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