Nicola Tuxworth on The Bus Stop

Actor Nicola Tuxworth on her first steps in directing.

Working on the play The Bus Stop has been my first experience of directing a play and it has been an adventure that I have greatly enjoyed! It was such a change from performing as an actor to taking my first steps into being a director – I hope that I can continue to do both. As an actor I like new and different challenges and to get a chance to do something that is an unknown like the world of directing has been a great thrill to do.

With the help of Maria (Oller – Lung Ha Theatre Company’s Artistic Director) I got such a fascinating insight into a world we don't really see. When the rehearsals were over for another day, the work for the director continues as me and Maria (who was my Assistant Director) reflected on what worked and what didn't work and preparing for the next rehearsal, discussing what to focus on.

Maria's insight in directing was invaluable and was a huge help and I hope I have done her and Lung Ha proud.

It was a great pleasure to direct Gavin's play and to work with such great actors within Lung Ha Theatre Company – I can only say a huge thank you for this wonderful experience!

I know being an actor isn't easy and being a director isn't easy either but if you asked me: Would you do all again? Knowing what it all entails? And how changeable it can all be? I would have to say: yes, definitely! 

Having a great cast and crew with you to make a new vision come true, to present a new play to the world – what could be better?

Nicola Tuxworth 

The Bus Stop is available to watch on Traverse 3 until 8 December. Click on the following link to access

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