Lung Ha Reviews: User Not Found

Dante or Die's User Not Found

Dante Or Die in collaboration with Marmelo present User Not Found, an immersive piece designed for smartphone and tablet created by Daphna Attias, Terry O'Donovan & Chris Goode.

As we, the audience, put our headphones on, we are immediately transformed into the world of and onto the phone screen of Terry (Terry O'Donnavan), sitting there with the music of Norah Jones in the background and a mint tea. Terry spends his day with us in a coffee shop.

This play has both funny and incredibly moving moments especially when it transpires that Terry's ex-boyfriend Luka has recently passed away. Through immersive sounds, images and music we get to know Terry as he goes through the grieving process and also tries to process Luka’s digital identity as he gets to know it better.

Terry O'Donnavan's performance as Terry is both humorous and touching as he takes the audience on a journey through the life that they shared and also snapshots of Luka’s life that Terry didn't know about.

Part of The Traverse online festival User not Found is an intimate look into the mind of someone experiencing loss and dealing with the memories we keep and those we let go of…

Gavin Yule 

Available on Traverse Theatre website until 10th of October by clicking on the following link:  


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