REVIEW: Body Language by David Bolger and Christopher Ash


Ireland’s two-time Fringe First-winning CoisCéim Dance Theatre return to Dance Base with a multi-layered exploration of non-verbal communication. A spontaneous performance is created each day in real-time from live interviews, photography, video projection, music and choreography.


We don’t really pay attention to our everyday body language, do we? Most of our body motions happen subconsciously. DanceBase’s Body Language flips this completely on its head, suddenly making the audience more aware of something we don’t really think about.

Right from when the audiences come into the studio, two tv screens on either side of the stage play a dance video. You choose to sit on a cushion on the floor or on the raised seats, the walls around are papered white and the floor is the same. Now this seems a very simple plain backdrop but proves to be very effective for what audiences then discover.

As a chosen audience member finds themselves involved in the show, tasked with different movements and expression, images of their body appear like thumbnails on the walls until three surfaces are covered. Then comes the turn of four or five performers, also dressed in white, who mimic the images on the walls. The camera travels around the moving bodies, capturing their expressiveness, their body language.

The imagery of this performance has audience mesmerised; I believe this dance piece by Ireland’s CoisCeim Dance Theatre is a must-see show.

I would highly recommend this show and the unique vision it brings to the viewers.

Reviewed by Nicola Tuxworth

Body Language

By David Bolger and Christopher Ash

Performed by CoisCéim Dance Theatre

Dancebase – Studio 3


Until 25th August 2019

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