Nicola Tuxworth reviews comedy at the Edinburgh Festival!


Mandy Knight’s one-woman comedy show at the Voodoo Rooms was a performance not to be missed! It might also be handy to have a surgeon on standby as your sides will split with laughter!

Within the first ten minutes of the show, the laughter grips you from the instant of the lights go down and like a fish on a fishing pole you are hooked on Mandy’s life and excellent sense of humour. I can personally guarantee that you will not be able to contain your laughter no matter how much you may want too!

Mandy’s stories are a mix of devilishly wicked laughs and overcoming some very tough situations in her life.

The Dark Knight is a powerful performance piece that can tug your heartstrings – as well as make your cheeks hurt with super-entertaining dark humour.

This show has been a pleasure for me to review as it has left me in a very happy mood, definitely the best way to end a day at the Edinburgh Festival.

I hope that the reader will take the next chance to see a superbly thrilling and entertaining show by the wonderful talented Mandy Knight.

Reviewed by Nicola Tuxworth


The Reel Comedy Club at the Vintage Mobile Cinema outside the Assembly Rooms is a very nice way to start your evening.

The VMC is a comfortable 22 seat set-up and the comedy acts will range from 4 or 5 different comedians, some performing solo and others 2 or 3 numbers.

It is a show which gives you lots of different comedic styles to watch and enjoy.

I feel everyone would find something suited their sense of humour in this most delightful hour filled with banter and chuckles.

With two shows at 6pm and 7:30pm you will see comedic acts from all parts of the world!

Reviewed by Nicola Tuxworth


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