REVIEW Cold Blood at Edinburgh International Festival


4 – 6 August at the Edinburgh International Festival 

Cold Blood on the stage looks-like an open stage with a blank screen, almost like a mirror with no reflection but this soon becomes far from true.

When the lights go down you are guided by single voice as you feel that you are under a hypnosis that sweeps you off almost like a strange kind of dream.

The artistry that will meet your eyes will take you on a whirlwind experience from the open air to a lone forest, to car travel to the city, to the Northern Lights to the Blitz of the war and finally on a journey that will take you out of this world.

Cold Blood is made up of many different art forms, from the use of hand mime to wonderfully constructed models, and the uses of the cameras, lights, smoke and water.

This show offers a beautifully mesmerising, funny and hauntingly dreamlike experience.

Cold Blood is a visually and brilliantly crafted, animated show that breaks down the walls between the life and death and features a captivating soundscape.

You will be propelled out of your seat and out of the world of theatre that you thought you knew.

Reviewed by Nicola Tuxworth

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