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Lung Ha Theatre Company is re-instated as part of the Creative Scotland Regular Funding portfolio

Lung Ha Theatre Company is delighted and proud to have been re-instated as part of the Creative Scotland Regular Funding portfolio.  The Company is its performers and no one has worked harder than they have to earn this opportunity.

They, along with the board, volunteers, staff and support teams will work harder still to deliver the exciting, dynamic and challenging artistic programme laid out for the next three years – a programme that will excite and challenge audiences across Scotland, and beyond.

To have arrived at the point in which we now find ourselves there are many, many people to thank – thanks to you for tweeting, posting, pinning, re-tweeting, sharing, emailing, writing letters, speaking up and speaking out – just anything to keep our story going – and for caring; it has been humbling and inspiring in equal measure – we will find a away to keep speaking to you as the journey continues, but for now please accept our thanks.  Thanks too to the myriad of people from across the arts, and beyond, for their energy, their ideas, their belief in us, their good humour and their time. We are proud to work in an industry that supports and reaches out to one another – in times of creativity and in times of challenge.

Congratulations to those who, like us, have been supported at this time: Birds of Paradise, Catherine Wheels, Dunedin Consort and Visible Fictions – heartfelt and real sadness and pain for those who haven’t. 

Thanks to all the journalists / writers who have spoken to us, and to others, who have not let the story fade.

And finally to the performers, you deserve it, thank you, Lung Ha Theatre Company is yours – and what else can we say other than THREE SISTERS is on in March, come and see it, the work continues.

Lung Ha Theatre Company

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