Lung Ha’s Creative Scotland Statement

The decision by Creative Scotland to reject Lung Ha Theatre Company’s application for Regular Funding is clearly a disappointing one and a challenging blow for the Company.  This is the first time in over a decade the Company will not be in receipt of core-funding from Scotland’s leading arts investment body.

Regular funding has played a hugely important part in being able to both maintain and improve the Company’s artistic work, but also sustain the crucial development work that supports the Company members.

We would like to emphasise that it is only through the astounding work of our performers, volunteers, creative teams, production teams, and again of our performers that we have ever been in the position to receive Creative Scotland investment in the first place.

Maria Oller, Michael Fraser, and the Board, will try to ask all of the questions anyone may have and meetings will be set-up to see what Lung Ha Theatre Company can learn from the current situation, and we will not rest until every avenue has been explored and every ounce of understanding is gained.

We are extremely pleased for many of our colleagues who have received well-deserved investment and simply gutted for our friends and colleagues, who, like us, have had their funding reduced or completely withdrawn – we share their pain and sadness.

We are an award-winning organisation and the current situation will now be a new beginning as the next phase in the life of Lung Ha Theatre Company begins. We must all strive and search every avenue to make the future bright

Finally, we have a show to do, THREE SISTERS awaits.  See you in March.

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