Fringe review: Taking Flight by Gavin Yule

Taking Flight by RoguePlay Theatre

"…everyone was transfixed by the story and characters."

Physical theatre and acrobatics at their finest, Taking Flight tells the story of two friends and a bird whose only wishes are to be free.

Using a soundscape of spoken word, music and movement, this moving tale of mischievous Anastasia and adventurous Amanda, who discover a rare and exotic bird unfolds in an exciting adventure of dreams and friendship – and the realisation that anything is possible. When the girls first discover the bird they are unsure what to make of the beautiful creature but as the story progresses we realise that whatever the bird can do, the girls could do, but they don't realise that what they are putting themselves in danger by trying to be the bird.

The ending of the show is a beautiful tribute to the saying that anything is possible and don't give up on your dreams. I don't think I've ever become so emotionally involved in a play from the very start. This is partly due to the beautiful audio description, played throughout the show to explain the piece but also because of the three performers complete trust in one another which is needed in a show which uses such things as acrobatics and aerial work to simulate flight.

The effects were very impressive and effortlessly pulled off by the three performers. There were audible gasps from the audience as everyone was transfixed by the story and characters which was brilliant.

There are post show workshops which I took part in. I had the opportunity to try the aerial silk sling used in the show. For me, this is the closest I will probably get to flying – being in the sling literally made me fly and it was amazing to feel free and because of this I connected to the show and characters more.

This show is completely accessible to audience members with disabilities and sight impairments as are the post show workshops; these are open to everyone in the audience.

Until 28 August at 2.30pm and 4.30pm at C Venues, St Peter's (venue 58). 


Written by Gavin Yule

Gavin Yule has been part of  Lung Ha Theatre Company since September 2016 and performed his first show, Dr Stirlingshire's Discovery in May of the following year. Gavin trained as an actor at Fife College for three years, graduating with an HND in Acting and Performance. He is also a co-founder of The Reluctant Penguin Productions, a YouTube channel which works with actors from Lung Ha and other performers with learning disabilities.

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