Fringe review: Sea Hames by Nicola Tuxworth

Sea Hames by Oceanallover in association with Feral

“Sea Hames brings a beautiful mix of creativity and mythology to life.”

Sea Hames is an expressional piece of theatre that guides its audience on a journey through song and dance. At times you can feel a little lost as to what is happening but actually this is what makes the show more appealing – people might have forgotten that feeling of falling in and finding something new and exciting! This makes Sea Hames fun and fills it with smiles and laughs and leaves you in a state of wonder.

The actors, actress and musicians will astound you with their imaginative performance and their inventive, eye-catching costumes make them all look like pieces of moving art.

Sea Hames brings a beautiful mix of creativity and mythology to life through this brilliantly crafted show.

This on-site production makes good use of both indoors and outdoors environments which lend itself greatly to this weird but wonderful journey.

Run finished now. 

Written by Nicola Tuxworth

Nicola has been actively involved with Lung Ha Theatre Company since 2008. Being part of Lung Ha’s has given her some of the most wonderful opportunities such as going on tour around Scotland and getting the chance to perform internationally, including Paris in 2009, Stockholm in 2011 and Helsinki in 2015. Nicola has also performed twice at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe – in 2011 and in 2014.

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