Fringe review: My Mind is Free by Emma McCaffrey

My Mind is Free by Rah Rah Community Theatre Company 

“The Modern Slavery Act 2015 says that a person guilty of human trafficking is liable for imprisonment for life – but in reality, it’s hard to prove a crime of this sort.” quote from the show

Physical theatre and actors playing multiple roles at its finest, “My Mind is Free” tells the story of four victims of the hidden crime – human trafficking.

Stored away in a van, the four characters tell us their stories: a woman tricked into an agency that makes her work for nothing, a young boy sent to the UK to work on a cannabis farm, a teenaged girl who is used by family members as a sex slave and finally an ex-soldier suffering from P.D.S who is made to work for the community for nothing. All four are unsure where they’re being driven to or why but we later find out it is for the sick practice of organ transplants. The ending is left open but whilst this all seems like a serious, sad show – which it is – it’s also a very educational show with moments where each character could have been saved.  

I will say I don’t think I’ve ever been in an audience that got so emotionally attached to the characters, there were people with tears running down their faces and verbally tutting in anger at certain moments where the characters were tricked, bullied and harassed by the very people who offered them help or a better life. In reality, 125 people an hour fall victim to this crime, a fact which makes this show so important. 


One-off performance on 18 August at The Salvation Army Edinburgh City Church & Community Centre (Venue 405). 


written by: Emma McCaffrey

Emma McCaffrey has performed with Lung Ha Theatre Company since 2013. She is the co-founder and film editor of a YouTube film production company called "The Reluctant Penguin Production" which films for and with performers with learning disabilities and for charities such as Get2gether. She also performs in the Edinburgh Salvation Army City Corp band on tenor horn and performs with the Wester Hailes drama group "Whales Without a Cause". Emma writes and develops her own plays, music and stories.

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