Performer Perspective: Kay Ann Jacobs

Long serving Lung Ha Theatre Company member Kay Ann Jacobs shares her feelings about rehearsing for THE SILENT TREATMENT

How are rehearsals going?

It's been good playing my part. I love gonging my gong, you get a right power rush when you do that. I like the pole, you feel like you're in charge with a pole. All the people in the world who had poles must have felt important.

Have rehearsals for THE SILENT TREATMENT been different to other Lung Ha productions you've been part of?

Oh it's been really hard to keep my trap shut. It's a lot easier to say words than stay silent. Remembering blocking is still easy though. It's really hard as a performer because you're gasping to speak.

What is it you like about being a member of Lung Ha Theatre Company?

Lung Ha Theatre Company is a window to a golden opportunity that you're never going to get in life. There's not enough disability groups about doing drama and promoting disability. It's still a no no on television and stuff.

The Silent Treatment will be performed at Tron Theatre, Glasgow on 01 & 02 April 2016, and Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh on 07 – 09 April 2016

Image of Kay Ann in The Shadow of a Pie (2007)

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